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Welcome to PrePostPrint wiki!

PrePostPrint wants to gather those working with experimental publishing techniques and to help to make their projects and tools more accessible. Learn more.

This wiki is under construction. Join the conversation around it.


Our resources section might soon host technical Guides and Recipes.

It already lists some Tools.

We also planned to gather Bookmarks and a Reading list.

How about a list of workshops run by PPPeers in recent years?

Since you read that, please know that you are more than welcome to add tools, guides, recipes, misc bookmarks or whatever you feel makes sense in PrePostPrint field of interest!

Local PrePostPrint groups


See also: Timeline

PPP maintainers group

Within PrePostPrint, a maintenance group has been formed to re-imagine how the initiative works. This maintenance group was formed in October 2022 at an event organised by Varia (Publishing Partyline) in Rotterdam, and is now working on re-imagining its orientations.

From March 2023 to October 2023, the maintainers are: Quentin Juhel, Julien Bidoret, Zeste Le Reste, Manetta Berends, Julien Taquet, Raphaël Bastide, Martin Lemaire, Simon Browne.

In 2024 the maintainers are: Alex Roidl, Zeste Le Reste, Antoine Fauchié, Nicolas Taffin, Julien Taquet, Martin Lemaire, Quentin Juhel and Kiara Jouhanneau.

Getting started

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